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Target Your Marketing Messages to Each Audience

by Ford Saeks

If you want to increase your sales, then improve your copywriting and target marketing skills.

Target MarketingStart by putting yourself in the mind of your prospect.  Think about what they want and why they would take action.

Most importantly, target your message to each type of specific prospect.  This applies to your website, print materials, and multimedia.

Sending the same marketing message to multiple markets waters down the message and will most likely reduce responses.  Aim for sending specific messages to specific audiences.

For example, I’m promoting my Profit-Rich Marketing Event to three specific target markets; Professional Speakers, Corporations, and Non-Profit Organizations. Each target market has unique reasons for attending. One message simply won’t work.

The headlines and sales copy for each target market is unique.  Here’s what I mean…

Market #1:
Professional speakers, authors, and consultants — Headline:

Earn What You’re Really Worth!
Get More Bookings! Sell More Products!
Create Residual Income from Your Expertise!

Market #2:
Business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals — Headline:

How to Ignite Creativity, Improve Your
Marketing & Sales, Grow Your Customer Base,
Get a Competitive Edge and Increase Your Profits!

Market #3:
Non-Profit, Not-for-Profit Organizations & Associations — Headline:

How to Grow Your Non-Profit Organization, Increase Membership,
Reduce Attrition, Attract Funding and Make the Most of All Your Marketing Efforts!

Each message is tailored to the specific audience. You can see the examples of this target marketing technique at

Think about your business… are you trying to send the same message to multiple markets? The benefits that appeal to consumers are not typically the same benefits that appeal to dealers, distributors, and retail stores.

Target Marketing Action Items:

1. Review the sales and marketing copy on your promotional materials and website to ensure that it’s targeted to the specific type of reader.

2. Remember, you want to attract their attention using benefits and then substantiate your claims with features.

3. Set up tracking key codes, special links, phone extensions, etc. so you can track responses.

4. Work to improve your conversion rates.

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