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Keeping Your Company’s Social Media Trendy

There’s a chance you’ve seen a video floating around about the brand-new Ford Saeks NFT Collection. It’s a neat concept for sure, but this video is just a spoof, a solid entry for an April Fools post. Why did we dedicate time to making a fake video for a product we don’t sell? To stay relevant and show customers that we are real people who know how to connect with them.

You might think it isn’t worth company time or effort to have your brand appear fun and friendly on social media, but it absolutely is. Customers love to see a brand with personality. It helps them connect to you and feel more comfortable buying your product because they feel like they’re buying from a real person and not just a cold corporate cookie cutter page. An easy way to breathe some life into your page is to just be trendy.

Here are a few things to consider when creating trendy content.

1) Fun Posts Will Strengthen Your Brand

At the end of our April Fools video, we direct the viewers to a website link (profitrichresults.com/nft). This link leads to a page on our website that reveals the joke, but we took advantage of the opportunity to connect with them.  Now that the viewer is on our site and encouraged to stick around, we included an opt-in for a free marketing critique.

Just because the video was fun doesn’t mean we left out the call to action. We tied it back to our normal content and get potential customers to visit our site and have fun doing it.

2) Inspiration For Fun Content is Everywhere

If you’re not used to making content that is outside of the normal scope of your brand, it may seem daunting to find ideas that could lead to a trendy post. Pop culture references are a great place to start. Things that are happening right now in the world are always popular topics of discussion. This is a good opportunity to get your whole team on board to see what ideas they have or which popular culture trends they are familiar with.

Calendar dates are also worth keeping in mind. Is there a holiday or a national “something” day coming up? Those are ready made topics to center your more fun posts around. It’s just like how we used April Fools’ Day as an excuse to get silly! 

Keeping Your Social Media Trendy

3) The Basics Still Apply

Don’t forget to factor in which social media platforms you’re posting on. They each have their own nuances and it’s important to consider things such as:

  • Who is the primary audience for each platform?
  • What is the best photo or video size?
  • Do they have restrictions on video length?

Making sure your post is optimized for the platform you’re using is always a must.

Social media is a powerful tool for businesses to connect with customers and keep their brand top of mind. By keeping your social media channels up to date with the latest trends, you can ensure that your company stays in front of potential and current customers.

Need some creative inspiration? Contact Prime Concepts Group for help making your social media relatable and fun!


Prime Concepts Group is a creative marketing agency that helps you find, attract, and keep customers through innovative solutions to your most pressing challenges. Claim your free consultation to find out how PCG can make your social media more relatable and fun.

Author Byline: Alex is a copywriter for Prime Concepts as well as a creative media expert. He specializes in video and social media marketing, and is glad to share what he's learned to help you find, attract, and keep your customers.

April 13, 2022 Posted By : Alex


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