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Why You Need an Online News and Media/ Press Center and How to Do It Right

by Ford Saeks

Will Bowen's New Website by Prime Concepts GroupBottom line: if you’re a speaker, trainer or consultant, you need an online news and media/ press center.  Why?  Because a news and media center is the first (and sometimes only) page a meeting planner, journalist or member of the media will look for on your website.  And what a good media center will deliver is everything an interested journalist needs to send you an email, pick up the phone or fill out a contact form.

So what, specifically, should your news and media center contain?

Well, let’s use one of our recent clients, Will Bowen, as an example.  Will is perfect to use because as a nationally acclaimed speaker and founder of A Complaint Free World, Will has been interviewed on The Oprah Show, Today and ABC World News, and he has been featured in publications such as People, Newsweek and the Wall Street Journal.

Not only does Will’s news and media page provide the “Who,” “What,” “Why,” “How,” “When” and “So What?” content that journalists need to know quickly, it also has:

  • Possible story angles/topics
  • “Will in the News” logos
  • Photos of Will with Dr. Oz, Maya Angelou and Matt Lauer
  • Videos of Will on Today, ABC News and Fox & Friends

In addition to the content directly on the news and media page, the side navigation we created on that page also contains direct links to:

  • Will’s speaker demo video
  • Information about his speaking
  • Information about his coaching and consulting
  • His biography
  • Will’s one sheet
  • Testimonials and a partial client list
  • High resolution photos of Will for download
  • Will’s downloadable introduction
  • Will’s downloadable biography
  • A form to contact Will

Other clients have chosen to also include their byline for articles and a media archive of articles they’ve authored or been featured within.

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