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Expand Your Digital Footprint

Expand Your Digital Footprint in Three Easy Steps

by Ford Saeks

Attracting new customers or clients is an important goal for most companies and organizations.  But what sometimes happens is a business built primarily on referrals that may have begun to slow down…  Sound familiar?

Referrals used to be a safe bet, but in today’s over-stimulated world, your prospects are now bombarded with marketing messages and influenced by social proof, making it harder and harder to stand out from the competition.

Just take a look at your sales for the last few months.  If you’re happy with what you see, great.  But if you’d like more customers, clients and sales, you need to expand the digital footprint of your business.

Think of it this way: the more visibility your business has online, the larger your footprint and the easier it is for your target prospects to find you and vet you as a credible resource.  There are many things you can do to expand your digital footprint, but we’re going to focus on just three.

#1: Ensure Your Website is Congruent with Your Products and Services

The first one is a biggie—your business website.  Ask yourself, “Is our website congruent with the quality of products and services we provide?  Would I do business with us?”  If your website is old, outdated, confusing, lacks style, has poor marketing messages, or simply doesn’t communicate the quality or value your business offers, it’s time for an overhaul. So how is your site looking? Check out the full list of our web site design services to see how we can help.

#2: Mobile-Enable Your Website

Second, is your website mobile-enabled?  Chances are, unless you’ve specifically designed a mobile site, it isn’t fully functional on an iPhone, iPad or any other mobile device.

Mobile phones have become like a remote control for nearly all aspects of our lives, so if your business website isn’t mobile-enabled, you’re missing out on one of the fastest growing segments of web users.

#3: Expand Your Reach Through Social Media

Finally, have you expanded your reach utilizing valuable content on your company blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google Plus?

If it’s not already, a top priority should be creating a YouTube channel around your company’s expertise and shooting a short clip related to the topic each week.  The most important thing to remember is to optimize your videos!  The title, description and tag fields should be utilized, complete with keywords and phrases you’d like to get ranked on.

To Conclude

So that’s it.  You company already has expertise to offer.  Now you just need to make sure your website is congruent with your level of expertise, your website is mobile-enabled and you’re expanding your reach utilizing valuable content on your blog and other social media sites.

Before long, you’ll have expanded your digital footprint and be attracting new customers and clients like a magnet!

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