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How to Add Custom Tabs to Your Facebook Business Page

by Ford Saeks

It’s been quite some time since Facebook business pages underwent design changes, including the addition of Timeline, but we’re still getting a lot of clients asking how to add custom tabs to their Facebook business page. 

If you’ve had the same thing on your list and just haven’t gotten around to it, don’t worry—adding custom tabs is pretty quick and easy—just follow the steps below:

  1. Search for Woobox Custom Tab within Facebook (there are many similar apps, but we found this one particularly quick and user-friendly)
  2. Select “Install Page Tab”
  3. Select your company page
  4. This is where the customization comes in.  You can choose to link to a specific URL, redirect, image, you can paste in HTML code, or you can select “Editor” on the right side and then type in/format what you want.  For our purposes, we’re going to assume you choose the last option, which is simply adding in content yourself.
  5. If you scroll down, you can add the tab name
  6. You can also add an image, but it has to be the dimensions specified
  7. Select “Save Settings”
  8. Select “Grant Permission to Application”
  9. Select “Allow”

Just remember, Facebook has a ton to offer your business and doesn’t have to be a nightmare.  If you’d prefer a “done-for-you” approach, we can help with that too.  Our social media marketing services include:

  • Profile setup
  • Profile optimization to get you found
  • Company branded pages
  • Custom, branded social media backgrounds and graphics
  • Social media networking daily, weekly and monthly plans
  • Blog post and YouTube video Search Engine Optimization
  • Social media share button integration
  • Social media icon integration

So what are you waiting for?  Check out our portfolio for examples of social media marketing we’ve done for other companies, or contact us directly at (316) 942-1111 for help with optimizing your Facebook business page or any other social media initiative.

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