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What Are the Cons of Using Too Much Stock Photography?

by Ford Saeks

“Real” Photography vs. Stock PhotographyWebsite Design Services by Prime Concepts

Have you ever looked through a brochure or browsed a website that’s overloaded with stock photography?  You know the images I’m talking about– those photos of beautiful, thin, 20-something, ethnically diverse “professionals” in neutral-colored, designer business suits grinning like they don’t have a care in the world?

Don’t get us wrong– there are some excellent photos and illustrations available on stock photography websites that can be purchased and used quickly, easily and affordably.  But, there are a couple problems with the overuse of stock photography in your marketing materials and website.

For one thing, your competition could very well be using the same or very similar images.  Not to mention that most people can pretty readily discern the difference between a “real” photo and a stock photo.  Which means, if you’ve taken the time to develop original, fresh content based on the unique value you offer, you should go the extra mile to ensure your visuals are just as original and fresh.

When we start a website or marketing project, we request as many “original” photos from our client as possible.  Why?  Because we’ve found that prospects respond best to “real” images.  One of our recent website projects for longtime client, Bill Bachrach of Bachrach & Associates, Inc., included many original images.  In fact, every photo used on Bill’s new website was obtained from Bill’s team (as you can see from this screenshot of their homepage).

The result?  A compelling website with images just as original and fresh as Bill’s value proposition.

Unfortunately, many of our clients don’t already have a library of suitable photos when we begin their project and they may not have the time or budget for a professional photo shoot.  Remember, you don’t necessarily need a professional photographer to add some fresh images to your arsenal.  Sometimes snapshots taken by friends or family are just as effective.

Whether you choose to use all original photos or you use a mix of original and stock photos in your marketing materials and website, the key is to be fresh, original and above all– to portray the value you offer prospective customers or clients. For more information on how we can make that happen for your site, check out our Web Site Design Services page.

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