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Using Lead Magnets to Give True Value to Your Customers

by Ford Saeks

Ever signed up for a free trial, a template, or set of tips in exchange for your email? That is a lead capture, a tool that marketers use to provide great information for their prospective clients. You signed up because they were going to give you something you were interested in or was valuable to you, and all you needed to do was provide your name and email to get great tools for free!

Using Lead Magnets to Give True Value to Your Customers

Lead magnets are very important to you and your business because most people that come to your website for the first time are not there to actually buy. Most first visitors are in the research phase of the buying process. By capturing their name and email address you are able to form a relationship with them as they move through the buying process so when they are ready to buy your company is at the top of their mind.

The key to using lead magnets is to deliver real, true value. A free newsletter is no longer considered a lead magnet. You want to offer so much value that people will crawl over broken glass to get it. Think about those the last thing you signed up for online…what value did it offer you? Information on a topic you are researching for that next big product purchase, something about your business you are looking for, or even a template to make your everyday life easier?  The offer gave enough value to not only intrigue you but get you to give them your contact information for further content.

Now I understand that it can be scary to give away value. Some people think that if they give away their value for free, people won’t want to pay for it. The exact opposite is true. The more value you create, the more people are willing to pay you for that value. People are able to see a glimpse of the true amount of usefulness you are able to offer. So get out there, take a look at what you are offering on your website now and evaluate your lead magnets.

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