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A Step-by-step Guide to Creating Content

by Ford Saeks

One of the most difficult components of website design, social media and online marketing is content creation.

What do I need to say? Who am I trying to reach? What am I going to blog about? These are questions that we get asked quite frequently. Now let’s take a look at how we can make content creation easier.

Content Creation Checklist

Step 1: Identify your goal.

Why are you creating the content? Website, blog, social media post? Promotion, SEO, or are you trying to keep in touch with customers?

  1. What are your overall business goals? – Any content you create should always tie back to your fundamental business goals.
  2. Who are you trying to reach? – What does your average client look like? Who are you writing for?
  3. What is your company culture? – Write towards your strengths and expertise. What makes you the company your target should use?

Step 2: Make the plan to reach your goals.

What is the reasoning behind the project? What do you need to begin? Who will be responsible for writing content? Answering these questions will help you formulate your action steps.Audience

Step 3: Audience.

The hardest part of content marketing is making sure the right person is receiving your content at the right time. Depending on what stage the buyer is in on the sales cycle.

Step 4: How will your content be used?

What should be used for which stage of the buyer’s journey? Now that you know who you are writing for and have come up with some content it is time to map out how to use it.

Step 5: Distribution.

You have created great content, came up with a plan and have a goal in mind. Now let’s get your content out there. It is important with all the channels you now have at your disposal to make sure you are using the right platform for your message.

One final tip! When getting ready to distribute your content it is best to have a calendar and theme to keep everything organized.

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