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Your company conference is a big deal. It is a chance to strengthen the bonds of your organization, communicate new direction, and rally your troops. So will your upcoming conference be another snooze-fest full of the same old cliche business “insights,” or will it be a milestone in the life of your company?

The result, to a large degree, hinges on the success of your conference’s keynote speaker. That’s why it pays to hire a business speaker with some actual business experience. Not just someone who speaks for a living but someone who has relied on her/his skills to succeed in the world of business. Someone who understands the challenges of your organization and is committed to
helping you achieve your corporate goals.

Not just a speaker– a business professional

Ford Saeks is a top business speaker who started his first business at the age of 16 and never looked back. Since then, he’s accrued 25+ years of “street smart” experience, founded 17 companies, received three U.S. patents, and sold millions of dollars worth of products. More importantly, he’s still a businessperson, serving as CEO of Prime Concepts Group.

By hiring him for your next event, you can inspire your organization to:

  • Dominate Your Market
  • Improve Performance and Results
  • Increase Sales and Profits
  • Ignite Creativity and Innovation
  • Attract Loyal and Repeat Customers
  • Shorten Your Sales Cycle
  • Drive New Business in Local Markets
  • Expand Your Brand and Social Influence
  • Leverage Your Digital Footprint
  • Keep Your Sales Pipeline Full
  • Get Targeted Traffic to Your Websites
  • Get Business from Social Media Marketing
  • Gain the Competitive Edge
  • Discover New Ideas and Concepts

Ford’s Most Requested Keynote and Presentation Topics

Why have so many companies trusted business speaker Ford Saeks to address their audiences? Because their audiences can’t get enough of Ford’s informative seminars, fun presentation style, and measurable action steps that make the path to corporate success clear. And Ford tailors each seminar, session, and talk to your organization’s unique conference themes and outcomes. Here are Ford’s most requested presentation topics:

Business Growth InnovationBusiness Growth Acceleration: Put Lead Generation on Auto Pilot and Skyrocket Your Sales

Ford’s innovative “Market Domination Formula” modernizes the customer engagement model by applying reverse psychology: placing the influence in the buyer’s hands rather than the seller. This hands-on presentation exposes underutilized methods that will attract qualified prospects, secure untapped markets, create a buying culture, and quickly add profits to your bottom line. Get ready to set your lead generation dial to cruise control, bulldoze past your competition, and become the dominate leader in your industry.

Business Growth Acceleration

Superpower SuccessSuperpower Success: Lighting the Flame of Your Inner Genius

Find your inner Superhero and leap life’s obstacles in a single bound. Regardless of your role in leadership, management or as a team member, there are times when you need to spark innovation and ignite your fire to conquer the world. Ford’s “Signature You” blueprint is a self-discovery process that demonstrates how to instantly optimize critical thinking, improve mental agility, and elevate performance levels in all aspects of life. With Superpower Success, you will have straightforward tools to produce better, smarter, and lasting results.

Superpower Success

Innovative Marketing MasteryInnovative Marketing Mastery: Improving Your Find-ability, Unique-ability and Profitability!

From grassroots to Google, Ford’s radical marketing approach and fresh insights presents innovative value propositions and lead magnets to attract more customers and improve sales conversions. It’s time to flip the switch from idea generation to profit generation and open your sales funnel to overfilling potential. Ford’s highly intuitive “Profit Generation System” offers actionable steps to increase your market share, generate new revenue streams, and create rock-star marketing campaigns.

Innovative Marketing Mastery

Social InfluenceYour Digital Footprint Needs New Shoes: Driving Traffic and Building Your Online Reputation to Grow Your Business

Leverage your social influence to connect, engage and convert prospects into advocates. With Ford’s “Social Media Converter,” you’ll discover how in less than an hour a week, you can position your social footprint to increase visibility, connect with customers, and gain not just a competitive advantage but a digital advantage. Discover simple, action-able tools to monetize your efforts and transfer “likes” to loot! Get ready to take charge of your online reputation and social media steering wheel to change frustration into freedom.

Social Influence

Boom!BOOM! Explosive Insights into Generational Marketing and Trending Technologies

Avoid the generational landmines that can destroy your business and discover how to leverage the differences in the buying behaviors of our multigenerational marketplace. Whether your customers are millennials, baby boomers, or anyone in between, Ford will arm you with successful tactics and strategies to engage and connect with the diverse demographics of today’s consumer.

BOOM! Generational Marketing Seminar

Event Moderator / Facilitator / Panel Discussion Leader

Beyond his popular keynote and breakout presentations, Ford Saeks has over twenty-five years presenting, facilitating, and moderating interactive experiences for companies, associations, or non-profit groups who want to generate new ideas, address key industry or organizational issues, have effective best-practices discussions, and encourage value-added conversations between event attendees. Whether you need a:

  • Meetings MODERATOR to keep the particular session focused on topic and on-track
  • Meetings FACILITATOR to encourage participation and engagement from the group or team, making it easier for answers to flow from the participants

Perfect for Conference Panel Moderation, Roundtable Discussions, Executive Forums, Advisory Boards, and CEO Roundtable Sessions for Franchisees, Associations, small & large-scale Corporate Events.

Recommendations for Business Speaker Ford Saeks


Unbelievable…We learned more in one day with Ford Saeks than we had known in two years of trying to grow it and do it ourselves.

Jeffrey Gitomer
America’s #1 Sales Authority
Buy Gitomer, Inc.


We have action plans to last a lifetime…If you don’t come to see this guy, you aren’t thinking!

Tom Latourette and Rick Davis
Building Leaders, Inc.


Ford your session was the one session I got the most out of. The biggest thing I took away was my new personal statement ‘to eliminate all fear, uncertainty, and doubt.’

Dan Phenicie
Duke Energy Convetion Center
Global Spectrum – A Comcast Subsidiary


Ford Saeks is absolutely amazing! He’s changed our lives and added a whole new dimension of how we do business. We look forward to future encounters with Ford, because who has a better seminar? Nobody!

Dawn Bjork-Buzbee and Tom Buzbee
The Software Pro


Richard BraunOur organization had the pleasure of having Ford do a half day speaking engagement and workshop. Ford’s ideas were actionable, creative, and understandable. Ford clearly “gets it” and I would recommend his services to any organization looking to take their marketing to the next level.

— Richard Braun
Founder and President
The Braun Agency, Inc.

Helen Turnbull Ph.D.Ford’s session on internet marketing and Profit-Rich Results was excellent. He provided us with a plethora of tangible and actionable information during the session. He also spent quality time with the participants during the more informal afternoon session and having the chance to speak with him about his views on internet marketing and how to build your business was priceless and worth the price of admission. I have no hesitation in recommending Ford to anyone who wants to grow their business and understand how to negotiate the ever evolving maze of internet marketing and social networking.

— Helen Turnbull Ph.D.
Human Facets

Gene SicilianoFord Saeks was phenomenal! More info than I could capture, more relevant, usable, actionable information than I’ve gotten at any meeting in a long time.

— Gene Siciliano
Western Management Associates

Harrie MuleThank you for the wisdom you shared. It was inspiring to be in your presence and motivating to have concrete action steps to follow.

— Harrie Mule’
Certified Life Coach

Ford, you’re as amazing as we heard you would be. The tools you shared are immeasurable and you could not have made it any simpler to implement. I had placed a glass ceiling on myself that you helped me break through. I cannot thank you enough.

Dani Stone
Marketing Specialist – Graphic Designer
4WARD Financial Marketing, Inc.

This was no typical website marketing seminar. Ford did an incredible job of providing a superb overview of successfully marketing a website while giving lots of instantly do-able specifics. The balance of the two was outstanding.

— Paulette Ensign

Your opening general session and your breakout session were both extremely beneficial and served as a wonderful kick-off to our conference. Participants really enjoyed your high energy and practical take-away information. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Allison Manny
Director of Development & Education
Community Health Care Services Foundation

It is good to come back with solid applications that don’t end up in a pile of “to do sometime, lost in space”. I truly appreciate all the hard work you all put into making sure we got our ROI! We most certainly had a great time with applicable information.


Donna Manring
Talk Business

Thank you for the customized presentation. I learned many new ideas and techniques from you. I am excited to get started on my strategic plan!

Lori Kaufman
Cadwell Laboratories, Inc.

The event that Ford presented on business growth was very informative! When enrolling for such events you always wonder whether it will be worth the time investment and I can honestly say that Ford’s presentation was one of the best I’ve attended to in quite a while – I walked away with a lot of new ideas and inspiration.

— Denise Groene
State Director,
Better Business Bureau, Inc.

From your presentation, I was able to recognize several strategies that we were currently weak in as well as new ones to apply to our business.

Jennifer Haggerty
Sales and Marketing
Data Display

Thank you for your insights into our marketing and publicity campaigns and materials. I walked out of your presentation both energized and in awe.

Maureen C. Quilter
Public Relations Manager

I recently attended Ford’s workshop, “Marketing Plans and Competitive Strategies”, and found the material he presented extremely valuable. So valuable, that I decided to stay an extra day to attend his workshop on E-Commerce. I don’t have any specific responsibilities for E-Commerce, but I just had to hear what he had to say on the subject. Eye opening to say the least! These were probably the best 3 days of workshops I have ever attended. I highly recommend it to anyone in business.

Mark A. Rowlands
Sr. Marketing Analyst
Access Group

It’s obvious that Ford is passionate about improving results. His dedication and enthusiasm inspires me to “think outside the box” and set higher standards for myself. His wealth of knowledge and ideas are amazing!

Niki Williams
Marketing Coordinator Complex Marketing
Comcast Spectator

Your MMM Marketing Mix System is going to make me a hero! I am a key contributor to the success of our branding and want to thank you for giving me the tools to make a difference.

Chris Cander
Marketing Manager
BindView Corp

You opened my eyes to using our web site for an entirely new purpose. . . That alone was well worth the cost of the seminar. Thank you for the information packed and stimulating presentation.

L. Gerard Connelly
Tri-State Bank

Great substance
with day-to-day applications and techniques
that our people can actually use.

Rick Betzen
General Manager
L.S. Radio Network

I came away with some very practical suggestions on how to improve my overall effectiveness.

Robert D. Quinn
VP, Corporate Development
Battelles OmniViz, Inc.

Read More Testimonials & Rave Reviews about Ford Saeks

Partial Client List

Companies that have hired Ford as an internet marketing coach

  • American Management Association (AMA)
  • AstraZeneca
  • CAPS: Canadian Assn. Of Professional Speakers
  • Channel Three Productions
  • Coach Ken Mastermind
  • Consulting World Conference
  • Eduville.com
  • EXFO UV, Inc.
  • Friends University
  • Gold’s Gym International
  • Health Care Providers, Inc. (HCP)
  • Independent Computer Consultants Assoc. (ICCA)
  • International Franchise Association (IFA)
  • Learning Express Inc.
  • LS Radio Network
  • Mission Valley Bank
  • National Seminars Group, Inc.
  • New York State Assn. of Health Care Providers, Inc.
  • Oracle
  • Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Print Services & Distribution Association (PSDA)
  • Publishers Marketing Association (PMA)
  • Rain Bird
  • Richwood Banking Company
  • Senior Helpers
  • Subaru
  • Total Action Products
  • Viking Corporation
  • Wichita State University

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