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Speaker Websites

Our Speaker Websites do the Talking for Our Clients

Ford Saeks and Prime Concepts Group have produced hundreds of custom speaker websites and helped thousands of top thought-leaders, professional speakers, authors, consultants and experts, including several CSPs and CPAEs, grow their businesses. With Ford’s 25+ years as a top speaking professional, we already understand the industry, what works and what doesn’t. You don’t have to waste your time explaining the process and can focus on what you do best… getting speaking engagements and clients. We’ll do the heavy lifting, and transform your speaker website and online presence to be in alignment with the quality of services you offer to your clients.

We’ll help you:

  • Get top rankings in the search-engines for your target markets
  • Create valuable visitor experiences which will lead to increased business
  • Turn your intellectual property into new products
  • Create additional residual income streams
  • Develop a “lifestyle friendly” business

Prime Concepts Mobile FriendlyWe’ll Make Sure Your Mobile Customers
Have an Awesome Experience

Despite the fact that more and more people are using IPhones, droids and smartphones to browse the web, most websites are not designed and programmed for these users. Unlike other firms, we don’t overlook the large amount of mobile traffic your website receives. That means we design, program and configure your site for all mobile devices, as well as desktop users.


Just a few of our speaker clients:

John Sileo, CSP John Sileo, CSP
Eric Chester Eric Chester, CSP, CPAE
Randy Gage, CPAE Randy Gage, CPAE
Pamela Jett, CSP Pamela Jett, CSP
Jon Petz, CSP Jon Petz, CSP
Dr. Gaby Cora
Dr. Gaby Cora, MD, MBA
Ron Karr, CSP Ron Karr, CSP,
NSA Past President
Kristin Arnold, CMC, CPF, CSP, MBA Kristin Arnold, CMC, CPF, CSP, MBA, NSA Past President
Phillip Van Hooser, CSP, CPAE Phillip Van Hooser, CSP, CPAE, NSA Past President
Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE, NSA Past President
Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAE Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAE,
NSA President Elect
NSA National Convention Website
NSA National Convention Website
Michele Payn-Knoper, CSP Michele Payn-Knoper, CSP
Mark Sanborn, CSP, CPAE Mark Sanborn, CSP, CPAE
Jane Jenkins Herlong Jane Jenkins Herlong, CSP
Dan Thurmon, CSP, CPAE Dan Thurmon, CSP, CPAE
Elizabeth George Elizabeth George
Andy Paul Andy Paul
Darren LaCroix, world champion speaker Darren LaCroix, World Champion Speaker
Lucinda Bassett Lucinda Bassett
David Glickman, CSP David Glickman, CSP
Pegine Echevarria Pegine Echevarria, MSW, CSP
Judson Laipply, CSP Judson Laipply, CSP
Mike Rayburn, CSP, CPAE Mike Rayburn, CSP, CPAE
Steve Spangler, CSP, CPAE Steve Spangler, CSP, CPAE
Roger Crawford, CPAE Roger Crawford, CPAE
MK Mueller MK Mueller
Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE
Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE
Roxanne Emmerich, CSP, CMC, CPAE Roxanne Emmerich, CSP, CMC, CPAE
Lisa Nirell, CSP, CPAE Lisa Nirell
Bill Bachrach, CSP, CPAE Bill Bachrach, CSP, CPAE
Chuck Gallagher, COO Chuck Gallagher, COO
DJ Vanas DJ Vanas
Marjorie Brody, Founder and CEO Marjorie Brody, Founder and CEO
Sam Silverstein, CSP Sam Silverstein, CSP, Past NSA President



I want to thank Ford Saeks and Prime Concepts for their extrabulous job on my website. Any speaker can tell you that one of the biggest challenges they have with building their career is to get the right website. All I have to say is Prime Concepts, you guys rock!

Steve Rizzo
CSP, The Funny Guy


Prime Concepts Rocks! You guys did an incredible job with our two websites and of course all of our products and our training materials. We appreciate you so very much! Your work has been incredible and on time. We appreciate it, we value you, you rock!

Sarah Robbins


The websites that you did for us are just amazing and beautiful. They are such a better reflection of us, of who we are, and they are a million times better than anything we had. Our mission is to create trusted leaders and organizations and I just have to say, you guys are trusted! I am so grateful.

David Horsager
CEO, Horsager Leadership, Inc.


I highly recommend you consider working with Prime Concepts! The reason I use Prime Concepts is because of the thorough and excellent work they do on all of my online internet needs; from social media, to website design, to search engine optimization, to video posting… Trust me, they know what they’re doing and they are worth every penny you decide to invest with them.

Mark Sanborn
President, Sanborn & Associates Inc.


Without my digital dream team at Prime Concepts, it would be really hard to have had the digital footprint and impact with CMO’s and CEO’s all around the world. I am really honored to work with this team and if you’re not working with Prime Concepts… what are you waiting for?

Lisa Nirell
CMO, Energize Growth


Prime Concepts Group did an amazing job on my website. From the moment we decided to move forward, everything was just perfect. They listened and learned about everything I wanted to accomplish with the new website. They took the time to understand my business. In the end, the finished product is even better than I expected. The site not only represents me and my business well, it is making me money. Thank you PCG!

Shep Hyken
CEO, Shepard Presentations, LLC.


Ford Saeks and Prime Concepts just redesigned my website and I love it! But more importantly, I’m getting terrific feedback from meeting planners, from my friends, and most importantly, from my clients. …I am already booking business from this site!

Meridith Elliott Powell
Author, Speaker, Consultant


Hiring Ford Saeks to help you grow will be the best decision you make for your business.

Lisa Jimenez
Author, Speaker, Consultant


Ford and the PCG Team exceeded what they promised me… and I’m confident they can do the same for you.

Jim Pancero
Author, Speaker, Consultant


My new website by Prime Concepts is amazing.

Joe Contrera
Author, Speaker, Consultant

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