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Incredible Content Tips to Build Your E-mail List

by Ford Saeks

These days it is important to keep in mind that no one really wants another piece of e-mail. They want solutions to their problems, to be entertained and informed, to socialize, and build relationships.

If you want to grow your list, start by reviewing your list-building activities. How many people are on your list now? Gather up your other marketing materials and check out your website to see if you’re offering benefit messages that match your target prospect’s needs.

I’m frequently asked what the number #1 secret is for building a large, targeted e-mail list. To my mind, it would have to be QUALITY CONTENT and benefits that drive the most new subscriptions to a list. Get clear on who you’re trying to reach and what information do they need or desire. Make a list of benefits, solutions, or resources and then make sure your site, contact forms, and subscription boxes communicate the reasons why prospects should give you their e-mail address.

Set up a business-related newsletter and offer it to those who those who opt-in to your lists. Make sure the content is well-written and relevant, and think about including a place where readers can respond. Look at your content through the eyes of your prospect. Is it just shameless promotions or helpful messages to educate, entertain and move them along in the sales process?

The next secret for effective list-building is to Build Trust and Credibility with your subscribers. Do what you say, deliver what you promise, deliver helpful content with purpose and you’ll bond the relationship. Keeping them on the list is important so you can market to them in the future and keep the relationship alive.

The third secret is to improve your e-mail “P” FACTOR (that’s “P” as in “Personality”).  As an action step, go look at your website and see if there is any personality that helps you connect with your target audience. Is your site boring with impersonal manufacturer-type instructional language, or does your site reflect a human factor, filled with conversational copy? Use graphics of people to enhance your website and attract attention to the information, but don’t get carried away with overused stock images. Help visitors feel that real people are behind the site, waiting to communicate and help.

The fourth secret is strong COPYWRITING. It seems I mention this in every blog, but it’s so important and relevant when it comes to list building. It’s important for you to review the words you use to entice visitors to subscribe to your lists. Make each word you use descriptive and important. Remember that text is what sells and graphics attract attention. Review headlines, offers, and action steps. Read and rewrite your sign-up forms, thank you pages and opt-in messages to make sure they are compelling, interesting, and informative.

The fifth secret of list building is to implement the 90/10 RULE, which states that 90% of your e-mail correspondence to your list should be value-based content, with 10% used for promotional purposes. Like any rule, there are exceptions, but if you blatantly and repeatedly just try to sell, sell, sell, you’ll burn out your list. By delivering helpful information that your subscribers want to get, you’ll keep them subscribed to your list. If you offer real value, they won’t mind if you offer resources to learn more. Review your recent e-zine if you have one, and see if you’re following the 90/10 Rule.

Secret number six is to create a VIRAL MARKETING effect. This method refers to the engineering of word-of-mouth e-mail referrals. Ask yourself what could you do or offer on your site that would be so compelling that people would talk about it and tell their friends and colleagues to visit your site. To build your list virally, offer a product that has a viral aspect to it—for example, it can only be downloaded if the person downloading it has to recommend it to three friends to get the download. Imagine the viral impact of something like that! You can grow indefinitely in an exponential fashion.

I’ve just given you six powerful secrets for list building. Start implementing them today and you’ll be well on your way to a larger, more relevant list that will help you sell more product faster. Good luck!

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