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Responsive Website Design

Flexible Web Design: All Your Content. All Their Devices. Every Time.

Responsive website designSmartphones, tablets, netbooks, laptops, desktops, TV monitors, and gaming consoles… The number of ways that visitors are viewing your site is nearly endless. But what if you could provide one site that automatically reformatted all of your content to each individual visitor’s device? With flexible web design, you can make it happen.

What is Flexible Web Design?

A responsive site (or a flexible site) is a dynamic website that automatically conforms to each device that a user accesses the site from. By resizing a site’s content, images, and menus to fit various screen sizes, flexible web design guarantees that your site is accessible and easy to use on any device.

How Responsive Sites Work

Our professional developers build your site with mobile in mind—from the ground up. Every page of your site is programmed to automatically resize based on the window it is viewed on. We don’t create a separate version of your site for mobile, risking users not being able to access all the features of your site. Instead, we build one version of your site that dynamically adjusts to accommodate every unique visitor.

3 Reasons You Can’t Afford Not to Have a Responsive Site:

  1. Your duplicate sites are creating duplicate content problems, hurting your search rankings
    Google and other search engines treat using the same content on multiple sites as cheating, whether you mean to or not. When you have multiple versions of each page on your site, you increase the odds of being penalized for serving this duplicate content. Because flexible web design works from a single site, there is no risk of inadvertently cheating on your mobile site.
  2. Your mobile users are tired of not being able to use your site
    Have you ever visited an incomplete mobile site from your phone? You pull up the site on your smartphone, begin to navigate the site, and realize that—though the mobile version of the site is sleek and easy to use—you can’t access all of the site’s content from your phone. If you’re not building responsive sites, this experience is the norm for your mobile customers. Make your customers happy by providing everything they could ask for on your responsive site.
  3. Accommodated customers are return customers
    Just like a positive visit to a store makes you more likely to visit that store’s other locations, serving up accessible, easy to find content with flexible web design means that your customers are more likely to use your sites on every platform. Let Prime Concepts turn your mobile site into a one-stop shop for all of your organization’s services, features, and content.

Ensure everyone can see all your content all the time—give us a call at (316) 942-1111 to get the details on our flexible web design services.

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