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by Ford Saeks

repscore10.gifFor you Social Media Marketing buffs… another day… another social media site… and they all need your profile information to help you benefit from the site and help you drive traffic to your other sites.

The SMM site of the day is and it offers you the opportunity to tell the world why you are talented, valuable, and unique.  What I like about Naymz is that it allows information to be verified, and as such, should become a trusted resource.

Anybody can post information about themselves on the Internet.  This site allows the people who are closest to you to vouch for your reputation.  Through the power of the Naymz Reputation Network, you can now allow others to verify the information you claim about yourself.

You can view my profile at  I signed up for the premium service option because of the reports and other features.   When someone visits my profile at  I get detailed information about who is visiting my personal profile.  It’s pretty cool and a bit scary at the same time.

More about

Naymz helps others find all of your online content in one convenient place.  It allows you to publish a directory of links and feeds to your company website, blogs, social networks, online photo albums, bookmarks and any other items that define you.  You can build your professional profile by adding an up-to-date bio, favorite photo, current employer and contact information. 

The first place employers and colleagues are going to look for information about you is within Google and the other search engines.  Naymz will optimize and submit your profile to the major search engines so others will be able to find the most up-to-date and accurate information about you.  Naymz also provides RSS feeds and badges to help others keep up with you.

Personal information by and about professionals is getting added to the Internet every day at an ever-increasing rate.  Through their Reputation Monitor, Naymz can help you keep an eye out for personal online information that is published that contains information about you.

Time will tell how many of these sites last. This one has merit to me because it helps protect my online identity.  As an Internet marketing specialist who presents around the globe, it’s common for others to use my name to drive traffic to their site, even though I don’t know them or appreciate them doing so.  Sure, I could spend all day sending cease and desist letters (and do in some cases), but I’ve got better things to do… like grow my business.

Action Items of the Day:

1. Visit my profile at

2. Set up your own account and then if you know me, give me an endorsement and I’ll endorse you.

What are your favorite Social Media Sites? What do you think about creating online profiles?  Share your comments below.

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