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Don’t Overlook the Importance of Your Business Cards and Letterhead– First Impressions Last

by Ford Saeks

Have you ever been impressed with a colleague– until that moment they pull out their business card and…. EEEK! 

Maybe the paper is cheap, flimsy or dogeared while the design is outdated or just downright awful.  You know you shouldn’t allow something so simple to completely change your first impression of them, but you can’t help it.

Ford often speaks to clients and audiences about “sales prevention tools.”  It’s a clever term he uses to describe “tools” that are actually getting in the way of attracting and converting prospects into long-term clients and customers.  That’s what happens when your marketing materials, website or social media are old, outdated, confusing, lack style, have poor marketing messages and simply don’t communicate the quality or value your business offers.  In other words, they don’t match your brand’s promise.

That was exactly the case with one of our recent clients, Donna Strickland.  Donna is a nationally acclaimed speaker and organizational development consultant with a list of credentials you wouldn’t believe– but you’d never know it from her 1980s-esque marketing materials, ancient website and complete lack of social media presence.  Of course, we helped Donna to completely revamp her website and social media presence, but we certainly didn’t overlook her marketing materials, including her business cards and letterhead.

Donna’s business cards and letterhead are now aligned with her website and social media profiles, and each of these is now congruent with the quality and value Donna offers.  Let us know what you think of Donna’s new business cards and letterhead, and don’t forget to check out her revamped website–

Remember– Prime Concepts offers complimentary critiques, so contact us directly if you’d like us to evaluate your marketing materials, website or social media presence.

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