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Get Noticed, Be Remembered and Get the Results You Want: Four Tips to an Effective Website Design

by Ford Saeks

Neels & Company Website Design by Prime ConceptsWhether you like it or not, your website and marketing materials represent who you are and what you offer.  That means when people see your “brand” for the first time, they’re thinking:

  • Is this person/ business credible?
  • Is this person/ business trustworthy?
  • Is this a professional person or company?
  • Is this person or company stable?
  • Do I feel welcome?
  • Am I in the right place?

When critiquing or planning the design of your website and marketing materials, you need to ask yourself all of these questions.  Obviously, the design is not the only important factor, but it does play an important role.  According to a study from Stanford University and Consumer Web Watch, visitors evaluate a site’s overall design first, including its use of multimedia.  In other words, first impressions count!

One of our recent clients, Gretchen Neels, is the president and founder of Neels & Company.  Gretchen helps her clients succeed through personal branding and professional development.  Basically, Gretchen does for people what we do for websites!  Check out Gretchen’s beautiful new website as you review four tips we’ve put together to help you get noticed, be remembered and get the results you want!

Four Tips to an Effective Website Design:

1.)  Proper use of colors:  Our design team recommends picking two to four colors for your website and marketing materials, using the right colors for your audience and drawing attention to select elements.  Look at Gretchen’s website and notice the elegant design with the tasteful choice of grey and turquoise on a white background.

Effective Use of Colors for Website Design

2.)  Animations, gadgets and media: Media, such as videos, and animations should be used to help support content and information.  Gretchen’s website incorporates several videos on main landing pages to support the content on the page, although putting videos on every page would be distracting.

Effective Use of Video on Webpage

3.)  Layout: 76% of users say that the most important element in website design is ease in finding information.  That means having clear navigation (as shown below) and organized pages is vital. To learn more about what goes into a winning PCG design, check out our web site design services page.

Neels & Company Website Design by Prime Concepts

4.)  Typography:  Use fonts, font sizes and font colors that are readable and cater to both readers and scanners by using short paragraphs, lists, bolding and section headers.

Neels & Company, Professional Development

In conclusion, remember that you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  A well-designed website can help give visitors the impression you and your business are credible, trustworthy, professional and stable.  An effective design will also help visitors feel welcome and know they’re in the right place.

What do you think about the tips above?  Leave us a comment or question below!

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