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Business Strategy Consulting Sessions with Ford Saeks

Ford Saeks, President and CEOWhether you need to develop a strategy for marketing a new product, launching a website, growing your sales or expanding your brands into new markets, Ford Saeks, the president and CEO of Prime Concepts Group (PCG), can work directly with you and your key people to develop business-building and marketing strategies to achieve your desired results.

Ford Saeks (pronounced Sakes… as in “for heaven’s sakes”) is in hot demand, and his busy speaking and consulting schedule along with running several successful business ventures makes him very selective about the types of projects and companies that qualify for his business strategy consulting services.

Ford is on national executive boards and has hands-on input with all of our integrated marketing services projects. That said, he also recognizes that there are other executives and organizations that want to have his personal attention, expertise and genius marketing mindset applied to their business growth needs, which is why he offers business and Internet marketing consulting services.


Business strategy consulting areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Direct Response Marketing
  • Defining Revenue Models
  • Distribution Channel Management
  • Copywriting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Monetizing Social Media Efforts
  • Marketing Plans
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Website Development
  • Usability & E-Commerce
  • New Product Development
  • Branding & Promotional Materials
  • Publicity Campaigns
  • Joint Venture Deals
  • Branding & Promotions
  • Video Marketing
  • How to Grow Your Business

Business Accelerator Call with Recorded Replay (60 Minute BAC Session)

Have a business, branding, marketing or sales dilemma? Ford Saeks can help! 

  • Consulting sessions are via GoToMeeting Sessions or Tele-conference (your choice) and are recorded so you can have the replay for your future reference.
  • Once project details are discussed on the first consultation, we’ll quote any additional projects or consultations. You’re guaranteed tons of ideas and implementable action steps.
  • Initial call session is $500
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back. It’s that simple.

Business Accelerator Consulting Session

Business Accelerator Consulting Session

60-minute Session with Ford Saeks – $500

Includes Recorded GoToMeeting Video/Audio Replay


Claim Your 60 Minute Session automatically online, call us directly at (316) 942-1111 or contact us online to schedule your 60 Minute consultation.

Business growth accelerator programBusiness Growth Accelerator 90-day Program

This is Ford’s “inner circle” of select consulting clients, business partners, and colleagues. Participation in the Business Growth Accelerator Program gives you a chance to get the most personalized help and guidance from Ford.

In the Business Growth Accelerator 90-day Program, you get:
Business Growth Accelerator Program brochure

  • Three months of access to Ford for personalized consultations, typically conducted on a phone, video Skype® or Gotomeeting™ conference each week
  • Combinations of electronic hot-seats or strategy sessions via email or phone as schedule permits
  • Private online access to our PCG project management tracking system “BasecampHQ” that allows you to upload files, coordinate communications and collaborate with Ford Saeks and team
  • Special 25% off rates on other PCG professional services not covered under this program, such as: graphic design, web development, Internet marketing, copywriting projects, and more
  • May renew at the same rate and term without price increases
  • 90 days of consulting services for $10,000*

*You may freeze the program without penalty; certain conditions apply. For example, you’ll get so many ideas in the sessions you may need time to implement them or have scheduling conflicts. It’s about the tremendous value, not the hours. If you are concerned about the hours, you’re probably not right for Ford’s consulting sessions.

Ready to be a part of Ford’s Business Growth Accelerator 90-day Program? Call us directly at (316) 942-1111 or contact us online and let’s talk.

Non-Refundable Program: You assume 100% Responsibility for Your Actions, Success, and Decisions.  Entering into this consulting program is entirely based on this covenant that you have acknowledged and accept 100% responsibility for your actions (or lack of actions), your success, and your decisions.

In no event shall “Prime Concepts Group Inc.” or its employees, officers, consultants or subcontractors of any tier be liable in contract, tort, strict liability, warranty or otherwise, for any special, incidental or consequential damages, such as, but not limited to, delay, disruption, loss of product, loss of anticipated profits or revenue, loss of use of the equipment or system, non – operation or increased expense of operation of other equipment or systems, cost of capital, or cost of purchase or replacement equipment systems. Some jurisdictions do not allow excluding or limiting implied warranties or limiting liability for incidental or consequential damages, and some jurisdictions have special statutory consumer protection provisions which may supersede the foregoing disclaimers and limitations. As a result, these disclaimers and/or limitations may not apply to you if prohibited by law.


superpower-kid-smallIn-Person Full-Day Strategy & Consulting Mega Session

This includes project evaluation, idea storming session, defining your objectives and money-making concepts on-site or at our offices.

  • Includes project evaluation, defining your objectives, and money-making concepts
  • Previous clients rave about the valuable insights and innovative ideas
  • Recorded and you receive a full audio recording in digital format, live and un-edited for your review and implementation
  • On-site at your location or at our PCG offices, travel not included
  • $10,000 / Full-Day Session (up to 10 hours)

Spend the day with Ford Saeks.  Call us directly at (316) 942-1111 or contact us online.


Recommendations for Business Strategy Consultant Ford Saeks


Ford has one of the fastest “to-profit” minds I’ve ever met. But more than that he cares enough about people to not give up on them when they’re making bad choices.

Roxanne Emmerich
Author of Thank God It’s Monday
The Emmerich Group


Judy JernuddHere’s what you need to know about working with Ford. First of all, he takes his wealth of knowledge that will help you increase your visibility on the Internet and ultimately grow your business. And he doesn’t just tell you what to do, here’s what he does, and this is key: he tells you how to do it in a language that anyone can understand. Thanks Ford!

Judy Jernudd
Media Star Power


Dr. Maurice RamirezFord Saeks is simply the best consultant in his field, bar none! That may seem like fairly generic praise, but in my industry, a bad consultant equates to a dead business or worse a dead colleague, we just don’t say someone is the best unless we REALLY mean it.

Not only is Ford one of the most innovative and creative people I have had the pleasure of working with, but he has tremendous integrity and a high sense of personal values. I look forward to the next opportunity I have to hire and work with Ford Saeks.

— Dr. Maurice A. Ramirez, DO
High Alert, LLC.


Les BrownMaking it today in business is tough, and in order to expand your position or dominate your market, you’ve got to have the right expertise. Ford Saeks helped me to not only restructure my business, but he tripled my income in a few short months. His creative drive, passion and mastery of details can do the same for your business. If you are looking for ways to optimize your efficiency, maximize your profits, and beat the competition, Ford Saeks can help you get that done!

— Les Brown
Les Brown Enterprises Inc.,
Best-Selling Author & Award Winning Speaker


Cheli CerraFord Saeks is an incredible marketer, an incredible businessman, and a wonderful mentor. He teaches clearly and easily in a step-by-step process that makes it easy for the non-business person to learn. I highly recommend his services.

— Cheli Cerra, M. Ed.
Founder of,
Author of the Best-Selling School Talk Success Series


Brad MontgomeryFord has a gift for making complex internet details and make them accessible for the rest of us. I’ve changed my marketing strategy based on Ford’s advice which is nice. What is better is that it’s worked. He knows his stuff.

— Brad Montgomery
Author, Humor M


Elixir StudiosFord’s street-smart approach to marketing helped me and can help any business increase the return on their marketing efforts.

— Mark Warren
Elixir Studios




Ready to supercharge your results? Give us a call at (316) 942-1111 to schedule your personal session with Ford Saeks or complete the secure online form.

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