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Create Awesome Headlines With The 4U’s

“I’ve read the books, gone to the seminars, and read till my eyes were bloodshot, but I still can’t say if a headline is a good one or not, other than just by my gut feeling. Any suggestions?” Ford responds: Let me share with you a powerful evaluating technique that...

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Emotional Copy That Connects With Your Prospects

“What does it take to be a great copywriter?”   Ford responds: The master copywriters are curious about life. As a rule, they tend to read a great deal, like to travel, and have a variety of interests. They find other people interesting, and they are very good...

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Save Time, Money and Effort With a Marketing Calendar

Marketing Calendars Help Keep You Focused and Ontrack. Can you imagine running your business or remembering important events without a calendar on your desk? Sounds crazy, right? How could any person remember all of those deadlines, appointments, and sales calls...

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Sell More With Multiple Websites and Multiple Domains

"Why do companies often have more than one website for the same products and services? Isn't that just overkill?" Ford responds: Good question! You should have a flagship website with all of your content, especially now that the major search engines have changed the...

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