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Does Your B.S. Impact Your Success?

You bet it does! Creating your marketing mindset is critical, because it’s your mindset that determines the steps you take and the overall success of your marketing efforts. I always recommend that before starting a project, marketers should check their B.S. (that’s...

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Turn “On-Hold” Silence Into Marketing Gold

An often overlooked opportunity to promote your business is sitting right in front of you on your desk. It’s your telephone. I’m not talking about how you use your phone to reach or greet your customers, but rather how you use it to market to potential customers who...

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Beef Up Your Bottom Line with Better Marketing

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling or what industry you’re in… if you’re selling online or offline, you can only stay in business if you’re making a profit. And profit comes from either increasing sales or reducing your expenses. This blog is about both, because...

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“The Best Marketing Method Ever!”

“I’m having trouble. I know my marketing pieces are glossy, professional and well written, but I’m not connecting with as many of my target customers as I expected. What am I doing wrong?” Ford responds: Without actually seeing your materials, it’s hard to pinpoint...

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Copywriting Secrets of the Pro’s–Part 2

In part one of this article I posed the question, "Can anyone write great copy?" I get asked that all the time, and I always say the same thing: Yes. Most people already know how to do it! That's because most people already know how to tell stories... and storytelling...

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