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Are you a Thought-Leader or an Expert?

by Ford Saeks

Expert, Thought Leader, Influencer, Game-Changer….. this list could go on for days.

Thanks to so-called “marketing geniuses” fancy buzz words have flooded the market and have caused confusion and chaos on what qualifies someone to fall into these specific categories. For example, you may hear someone refer to themselves as an “Industry Expert” or as “The Thought Leader” of their industry. So, how can you tell the difference between an expert and a thought leader? And, how can you classify your experience level to effectively and accurately market yourself without misleading the consumer? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

You see, the true difference between an Expert and a Thought Leader really depends on perfecting the key components that take you from great to extraordinary (buzz… buzz…).  We know that you are already successful in your own realm, but what have you done to influence your audience to think outside of the box? By this we mean, do you have a fresh and innovative perspective on the hum drum way of doing things? Are you an active participant in your digital media efforts (daily social media posts, stellar website copy, interactive components that speak to your audience)? Do you have intellectual property that coincides with your message? And most importantly, do you have the guts to be a controversial pioneer of your industry that provokes others to take their game to another level? If you answered YES to these questions then you, my friend, are a true Thought Leader! If not, we’ve created a road map to help get you there.

Are you a thought leader

Are you ready to dig deeper to become a thought leader? Do you want to expand your speaking business? Don’t just be an expert, learn to Kick Butt with Class.

Now if you really do believe in what you do – really believe that your destiny is to be on the platform on a regular basis, believe you have a message that people will PAY big money to hear and you’re ready and willing to make a serious commitment to ascend to the highest levels of success in the speaking and consulting business – we want to help you. Most importantly we CAN help you. You won’t go home the same! That’s a promise!


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