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5 Reasons Why Marketing Has Become More Social

by Ford Saeks

Yes, we are talking about social media.

I’m guessing that everyone reading this has their own personal social media accounts. Am I right? Now, do you have social media accounts for your business? If the answer is no, we need to change that.

Social media has become a free way to share content and get noticed as a business on the web. It is becoming more and more important for your customers to be able to find you on the web every day.

  1. There are more than one billion people using social media to interact with their peers. Needless to say, most of your customers probably have a social media account that they are active on.
  2. Social Media is free. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube and Linkedin allow users to join for free and write about anything and everything they want to.
  3. It has become easier for people to share their opinions. With the simple click of a mouse you can let your friends know you a like a certain brand or image and share it with them just as easily.470847401sm
  4. Communication is encouraged. Social media gives customers a platform to ask questions, give feedback and share their thoughts in a quick and easy way.
  5. Social media allows business to keep customers informed. The amount of customers you can reach and keep updated with one post is astonishing.

Whether it is customer service, communication or testimonials make sure you reach your customers and stay in touch by utilizing these tools.

Do you have a social media account for your business? Which social media tool is your favorite? Please, Let us know below!

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